Automation and "Stop show"

Is there a way to use the automation layer to Stop a show?

My case use for the automation layer is that I want to do the following:

  1. trigger an outro video layer to play (that runs 21 seconds)
  2. pause for 21 seconds
  3. stop the show (which ends all the streams)

An alternative would be a way to turn off streams using the Automation script.


Hi @Marty_Jopson it’s great to hear from you!

Yes, you can do that. But there is also an easier alternative.

  • Set “End Offset” to 21s in the Show Settings
  • Set the event trigger in the Layer to “Live on End Trigger”.

Now. when you press the Stop Show button, the Layer will be switched live and the show will continue to run until the outro is done.

Ahhhh - once again I learn something new mimoLive can do!

By the way - cool live stream on Friday at 12.20 BST. I have a sample of the COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 virus under a scanning electron microscope. It is at the limit of what can be seen - but we managed to get a safe specimen.


Wow! Do you live stream it somewhere?

Yes it will be on Periscope and YouTube. I have the “Sharing the public streaming URL with Boinx Software” check box ticked - so presumably you get to find out somehow.

The YouTube stream is: