Automation and show desinations

Is it possible to use an automation layer to control output destinations? Specifically I want to be able to start and stop recording. I note the output destinations have api endpoints like layers - but layerOn and layerOff don’t seem to work with these endpoints,


Hi @Marty_Jopson Try “outputOn” and “outputOff”.

I’ve added those to the documentation.

Cool - thanks for that

By the way - I don’t supposed I can extrapolate this to the document itself? Is there a “documentOn” command? I think I have asked about this before. I currently use a time delay on the document stop to run an end credits video and then shut the document off - but control through the automation layer would be nice…

I’m just curious if there are other “undocumented” functions available!

I really hope for a if($var,=,$var2) …endif-function.