Automating Layer Sets

I’ve had great success in automating layers and layer variants but I’m running into a wall with Layer Sets. I right click and paste the API into the automation, but no results.

Any help?

Did you use


instead of



You could provide a demo document and/or screenshots if this does not solve the troubles. :hugs:

That was the solution. Another issue I was running into was SMART QUOTES but Achim straightened me out on that. I’m getting some pretty elegant results.

Yes, “Smart Quotes” can be a pain in the a@@. :slight_smile: I’d recommend to use the free version of BBEdit to write code. It’s free for the usage, we need for mimoLive. The text fields in mimoLive are too small to see all lines propper.

Link to App Store:

Fine, that it worked! :slight_smile: