Auto Video Switcher

I’m checking out this Auto Video Switcher layer and it’s pretty nice!

I would love to see the ability to use audio to trigger the switching. For instance, when a given source reaches a set audio level threshold, the switcher cuts to that source. That would come in really handy for a multi-person panel discussion.

The other possibility would be to use the beat of a music input to dictate the switching.

Same here: auto switch video based on audio would be a nice one. Maybe @JoPhi can help us out here? He has some really great knowledge of Mimo and it’s functions.

Thanks in advance!

At the API there are all values present. You could read the values for the peak and decide to send a signal to cut. For this I’d use (recommend to use) the normal switcher.

The Variables to trigger are called:
tvGroup_Source__Audio_TypeAudioAudioLevel0 and

They are inside of [data][attributes][input-values] … inside any “Audio Only”-Layer.

Another feature on our wish list.

Switching based on Audio isn’t as easy as it sounds (pun intended).

There are many things to consider. For example, if all the microphones are in the same room, they pick up each others audio. People on mimoCalls (and Zoom) often use the built-in microphone in “Speakerphone” mode where the microphone picks up echo and background noises triggering the audio.

We actually have an Audio Switcher in the drafts folder which can switch based on assigned audio inputs, but it didn’t work very well in real life conditions. Let’s see if I can pull it out so you can try.

Yes, there are some considerations. But… With these two values is it currently possible. It is similar possible with data by a face tracker. In both cases it’s not a out-of-the-box-solution. And I strongly recommend to use more than one sample for a decision. :slight_smile: - Loudness is represented by the peak. (Even ghost voices from persons sitting next to each other.)

Thanks for the guidance. We have an Allen & Heath SQ5 audio mixer. So we can even provide each microphone to individual channel and create seoerate sources for them. The SQ5 has the option to auto-mute mics not being used ehen having multiple people in the same room. Works really great (sorry, forgot the name of the function).

I’ll take a look at the Automation (never did it before) and see what I can make of it. Unless you already have an example I can use?

Thanks for your help anyway. Will let you know when we start struggling with it :rofl::rofl:

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx , that would be great. As explained above, we can deliver separate channels via our Allen and Heath SQ5. And it will be for podcasting only. So 2-3 people max.