Auto refresh Web Browser Capture

I have a webpage with dynamic content. In order to use it like a widget in mimolive I need the web browser capture source to automatically refresh…can I do this?

If the content is really dynamic, the source is refreshing it, it behaves like a real browser. Place a javascript onto your website, which reloads the content, or a meta-refresh. You could also use ajax/json.

Another way: Overwrite the URL within the source by using httpRequest() inside several variants of an automation-layer, you’d be in need to add fake-variables to the url to prevent showing a cached Version of the site. I think that a cycle through variants might do the job.

Notice: In both variants a reload is visible. So it could be a part of consideration to deactivate the containing layer, do the changes, and make it visible again.

Thank you! I’m using zapier to update the page on Wordpress but need the web browser to auto refresh - maybe there is a plugin I can use. Seems like this is just beyond me but will get a developer to help.

These are your options. :slight_smile: If you want to “auto-refresh”, you have to put this on your website. Add a meta-auto-refresh for your content-page in wordpress: Easy Auto Reload – WordPress Auto Refresh – WordPress plugin |

Awesome! Thank you. What’s cooler Mimolive or the Mimolive community!

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile: It’s hard to say… :smiley:

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