Auto reconnects issue with Facebook Live

Hi support team,
i just bought a licence for MimoLive and did tests with facebook Live.
I succeed to connect on Facebook, and have my video on Live, BUT! After some seconds (and each time!), the live on facebook says that it’s “disconnected”, I see also the “Auto reconnects” field on your software going from 0 to 1, but after that, there is :

  • no stream rate (0)
  • No Encoder rate (0)
  • No Data sent…
    So the Live don’t work after some seconds.
    Just to tell you, I broadcast with full size 450kbs / 25fps (so I guess this is the “minimum” we can).
    It seems like that the connexion with Facebook is not good.
    Do you have feedback about this? Any resolution? Fix? We really have to be ok for tonight, so this is a very IMPORTANT request.

Waiting your feedback.


@sylvaing Thank you for purchasing mimoLive.

I’m sorry that you experience issues with Facebook Live.

We do have many customers using Facebook Live and we’re using it ourselves, so we are confident that it should work.

What computer are you using?
What version of mimoLive are you using?

Please try using Version 2.8b3:

I see these as possible causes:

  • It may be that the network you are using is blocking RTMP traffic or is too slow upstream to Facebook.
  • Your computer may not be powerful enough to do H.264 encoding in addition to all the other things it is doing.

Facebook wants 720p at a max of 4Mbps. Could you please check that you’ve set up for 720p streaming and are using at least 1Mbps?

I hope this helps.

Ps: If you are recording at the same time, please do not use the H.264 for recording, but use the ProRes 422 encoder.