Auto AV Sync Between MimoLive - Feature Request

I have a feature request that I think can be very useful… now that we have Mimocall Output, we can actually link between 2 mimolive remotely…

Here’s my suggestion: the goal is to create a link between two mimolive that “auto sync A/V Wise”

from the source we have the A/V Sync Test Generator. We will use a designated portion of the outgoing video as the video sync (alternate white black)
then a 3rd audio channel to send the white noise

On the receiving side… we will use the “new version” AV Sync Meter and tell it where to monitor which part of the screen to look at, and from which audio channel it should be listening to.

Next… we put in which video channel and audio channel to actually delay… automatically…
based on the input… theoretically… it will keep the video and audio in sync automatically! :slight_smile:

Cool? :slight_smile: