I was in the process of making a slideshow, I had added some images of animals in the zoo, (they were “scaled down”) by FM. I added an audio file, and wanted to add a second audio file, with some jungle noises. the momemt I pointed the cursor on the “soundeffect” file, FM5 crashed. Tried this several times, but always the same : immediate crash.

What also happens is: when one adds an audio file, that is not long enough to cover the amount of images, and you just drag the audiofile till the end of the images: it looks like all the images have that music, as one can see the " music wave "in the timeline, but upon playing the slideshow when it reaches the point you “dragged” the music further, there is no music to be heard anymore…

Perhaps another topic after a crash when you restart the app, and you want to " recover" one comes into a loop of windows asking alsways for different file names?

I CAN’T confirm your first issue. When you say “soundeffect” file, what is that? Something you created? Something you grabbed off a CD? Something that came with FM 5?

I CAN confirm the silence problem!! When you have an audio file that doesn’t last long enough, you CAN drag the right edge of it to the right and the wave form should “duplicate” – you’ll also see a little “loop” icon at the top left where the audio file starts over again. The further you drag, the more looping occurs. But yes, when I try it, FM 5.0b32 plays the FIRST occurrence only, then stays silent the rest of the time, regardless of how far to the right it has been extended.

Hi, Stan,
I now remember that the initial crash happened to a slideshow using a music snippet, the moment I wanted to add a second audio file of my own. (mp3 file)

Today I tried again to add a second audio file to a new slideshow, and now it worked! NO CRASHING
The audiofiles that I now used were already in my music library
The audio files come from a variety of sources:
allmost all are in mp3 format, a few are in wav format:
sources are:
converted from CDs,
downloaded from I-TUNES Store,
and some are converted from youtubevids. in FM 4 they all worked fine.
The test I just performed, was a bit special, I first took an audio file (music), then added another (sound of heavy rain and thunderstorm) and finally added some images. In the “real world” I alway start with images and then add music, and somtimes add some "sound effects"like sounds of bad weather conditions, sounds of animals ect.
What was still happened was that the music after the " loop " indication was silent…

I’m guessing there’s still a bug there – if the right end of an audio file is dragged past it’s original length, a “loop” icon should appear and the track should play over again until the play head reaches the end of the length defined by the user.

Boinx has mentioned about a problem with different audio formats and why the Storyboard to Timeline switch was causing a problem. It seems to be fixed in the 5.0b32 version.

I have never been able to add audio tracks of those purchased from the iTunes Store (in AAC format, I believe). I think that’s been a restriction on FM since the beginning (probably a licensing issue). I have been able to convert those tracks from protected AAC tracks into .mp4 files, and then imported those converted files into FM without a problem.

Hi again, I am now working with the 5,0N32 version, and will experiment further tomorrow. Re the files from Itunes, I always convert them to mp3 or mp4 tracks before importing them to FM and indeed never had any issue in the FM4
best regards