Audio return problem on mimocall

Hi all
we have a problem with mimocall (from 5 days ago):
our guest (connected via chrome, pc and mac) in 50% of the cases does not receive the program audio, the only working solution is to close the mimolive project and open it newly (we tried to ask the guest to refresh web page, we tried the “riconnect to remote peer” option, different projets and different MBP many many times)
by the way, when it work the audio is not optimal and we need to perform a riconnect to remote peer
when we have 3 or 4 guest in live event it is a very serious problem
mimolive 5.6b2 or mimolive 5.6

attached a screenshot (we simulated the problem locally, but the calls are obviously remote, same issue with the reporter app on ios 13.4.1)

thank u so much


I have the same problem, I help mimolive, help

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Hello, I’m having the same problem. When somebody connects they can’t hear me or other callers until I quit the application and re-open and then everyone can hear each other.

In addition if the user shares their screen I have to press reconnect for the users screen change to take effect, otherwise I continue to see their webcam. The same applies when they stop screen sharing.

@gabril @HechosEcuador @James_Brant There is a new beta version of mimoLive which addresses this issue:

Can you please download and try if the issue is resolved for you?

Thanks Oliver, I’ve downloaded and will be testing today.

Hi, I’m still having the same issues.

When the mimo caller connects or in this instance changed device, when they joined they couldn’t hear anybody else and we were receiving audio and video.

In addition, when the user shared their screen and stopped sharing I would have to click re-connect for mimo to display the changes.

The caller was using a windows PC and google Chrome.

I’ve just noticed I was using 5.6.1b1,

Is 5.6.1b2 significantly different?

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Hi, I tried today with 5.6.1b2 and still experiencing issues with users joining and in addition experienced an audio/video sync issue. I reverted back to 5.6 in order to avoid the sync issue.

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Thanks for you feedback. It looks like we didn’t tackle all audio problems with 5.6.1b2. However we made a final release out of it anyways because it helps many other customers.

I would recommend to go back to 5.5 because the audio problems were introduced with 5.6.

Soon we will release 5.7b1 with even more work on the audio issues. Please let us know once you had the chance to test it. Thanks for your support!

It would be helpful for testing and to get confidence in the further development of mimoLive if you could give more information about the audio issues and how you have fixed it and further fix it.

Technical Details on the audio issues: We introduced an Video Provider class that is able to route video from any source in mimoLive to any destination. This class makes it possible to select different video sources in the output destinations as well as in the mimoCall source. However if the Video Provider needed to drop a frame for any reason the audio buffer needs to compensate for timing. This worked before the introduction of the Video Provider and we missed an important step in the audio processing to make this happen for the new Video Provider. While debugging this issue we found some code that needed to be fixed but those fixes didn’t made it into the 5.6.1 release because they are on other critical sections. In 5.6.1 we wanted to address especially the audio delay and the resulting loss of audio. In 5.7b1 we will have some more fixes regarding audio timing which should fix another possible loss of audio in the mimoCalls but this is isolated problem. If we had changed code in both section at the same time we can’t be sure if one if it has been actually working. I hope this helps to understand why we released the 5.6.1 as it is and keep on fixing bugs in different sections with the next version.

Thank you for this details! Will help to further check any issues. We will run an extensive test next week including a complete simulated stream with external callers via Skype and extensive use of mimoLive layers, PiP, audio rerouting, etc… Will update about our test here.

I too experience audio problems with MimoLive/MimoCall. Can someone explain to me a simple setup for two MimoCall feeds that I can switch between and both participants can hear each other without feedback. The video feed is fine, but the audio … well. I find it very convoluted in its setup. Maybe it’s me? I’ve tried the tutorial advice, but when I follow the steps it (the audio) doesn’t work properly. If it’s something I’m doing incorrectly, I apologise, but reading these feeds I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Don’t get me wrong, on the whole I love MimoLive. It’s a great tool, but I need an audio solution. Stay safe everyone.

Hi! Thanks for giving mimoLive a go.

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties setting up audio. We tried to make it as easy as possible, but there are some pitfalls. Feedback most often results from the callers not using headphones. There is some echo cancellation available, but it’s not always able to prevent echo/feedback.

If you send me your document I will have a quick look and see if I can figure out why you’re getting feedback. You can send it to me via DM.

The “Call in show” template should give you a working setup out of the box.