Audio problems since updating to Version 5.11

Hi All,

Since I updated Mimo Live to latest version my audio is cracking during live transmissions. My audio input is through a USB. My mixer is the Rode Caster. I never had this issue before. Any suggestion?

I’ve had that issue in the past with a different XLR to USB interface device. For me, it was a simply powering down then powering up that device fixed it. For me anyway, it was not related to the mimoLive version

I remember had some crack and pop’s before.
@Oliver_Boinx adviced me to use loopback to redirect the signal and all issues gone

Hi @ingenuityaruba I’m sorry about this issue. We know what is going wrong, but don’t know yet how to fix it. A workaround is to run the audio through Loopback (available from Rogue Amoeba). It is related to timing issues with USB and the T2 chip and Loopback provides a clean timing. We’re working on fixing this issue but don’t know how soon we can fix it. You can try @Kebbel’s suggestion which may work because this resets the USB driver. I know Loopback is sort of an expensive workaround, but it is a tool that anyone doing live streams, webinars or similar should have anyways.

Thank you so much for the feedback. is this the site?

Just install and follow instructions?

Thank you so much Oliver, Ok I will check it out. I thought it was a wire issue, so I changed them but still have the issue so I push the audio buffer in preferences to 512. but still issues. My RodeCaster uses a USB-C output so I use a USB-A Cable with USB-C Connector to a usb power booster send to thew Mac. So I think the best way will be Loopback right? Just install and follow instructions? In my Mimolive I need to use as source input the loopback program?

You have to create a virtual device with your USB device, name it, and then, Mimolive will recognize it like a valid audio source

You can get Loopback here: Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing

The site is for a node.js framework that is used for building web apps.