Audio Not Coming Through

Was doing an interview today, with the guest on Skype (we couldn’t get audio or video on MimoCall). When we did this, which I’ve done a million times, the audio from Skype was not being picked up. I was using LoopBack, and everything seemed to be set correctly, but I still got no audio.

I initially thought it was a loopback issue, so I tried recording audio from other programs, and loopback passed the audio to those programs without any issue? Anyone know what might be happening?

Again, I have done this exact set-up many times without an issue

I ended up solving the issue by downloading the beta and overwriting it in my Applications (both were Version 2.8b5)… and then everything worked again

@“Ray Lane” The same issue was reported by another forum user and a fix is already in the pipeline. See this thread for a workaround, should you stumble upon the issue again.