Audio Mix / Program Mix Question

I am working through the demo version to decide if it’s right for our YouTube show and have a question.
Our setup is fairly typical with several microphones for talking / live band running into ProTools and then into the audio interface that we choose as the audio source, this is simple and I see how this is set up in MIMOLive.

My question is that we want to send ALL of the audio program mix (stingers, video files, etc) OUT of MIMOLive and into that same Pro Tools session as a stereo mix so our audio engineer can keep levels balanced/mixed in real-time without using the laptop that is running MIMOLive. We would then have our talking and program audio in a single pre-mixed, sub mixed stereo input via the sound care audio source. Is it possible to do this? Can you break the program mix away from going directly live and send it out, back in and then out to the live feed with the video sources?

bump? Anyone? I really need to figure this out and this may be a make or break on committing. Any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @Josh1. It is possible to do this.

You create an Audio Aux output with a mix containing all the sound that should go into ProTools. If ProTools is running on the same Mac, you can use Loopback to route the output there.

Then you need another audio source. To make it available for use in an audio mix, you need to add an Audio only layer in the Layer Stack. You need to mute that in the mix that goes to ProTools in order to avoid a feedback loop. Then you need to create another audio mix with everything muted except the audio source from ProTools and use that mix in the output destinations.

If you want to do audio mixing of your microphones, I recommend to mix the audio before you send it into mimoLive. If you’re using mimoCall, you can output the audio from the callers individually via Audio Aux outputs if you have an audio interface with multiple channels.