Audio Line Problems!!

Hello People!

I am new in the forum but and old-time fotomagico user, I want to ask you about a little audio problem with fotomagico 3.8.5

Well, like a FCP user, I like to create de audio and video clips with both integration, well, when I try to do the same with fotomagico its a little bit tougher, why? well, because I don’t have the audio waveform graphic and I cant mark exactly the points where I want to change the transitions.

I know about the markers in fotomagico, but I want to know if there is any option to see the waveform of the audio track like FCP or IMOVIE for example.

Thanks a lot for all !!!

That is not yet possible but on the agenda for the coming major update.

Thanx Bastian! it will be a superb and really useful improvement in a fotomagico update.