Audio Issue in FM6 - can recreate

There is an issue in FM6 - If I say insert 5 images and then add 2 audio tracks - all looks and sounds fine, the slideshow starts and music track1 plays in FM6 - and then I render -

The result will be a video file that starts - it displays first image just fine - but NO Audio from first track -
However If I add a Snippet first ( like one with mountain ) - and make sure that I do Not have the first track start with the mountain snipped but have audio track start on second image then track plays fine

There is a Bug in this - I want to have audio track to start on first image or when snipped starts - was able to do that in FM5

Please fix - if you need more info on how to re-create issue please let me know and I will explain

Which version did you use? This bug should be fixed in b18 or later…

yes, thanks - bug fixed - things are coming together nicely - two things I would really love to see is the ability to color background - you have the great new feature to Blur image and leave as background
you also have the option to select color or image for background globally - but say most of my images I prefer to have White background but there might be few that are better suited with say black background

I just have not found that ability - would be Fantastic to right click on an image and see Background Color along with Mask and Zoom and Layer - only workaround I have is making a black image in photoshop and making it as a background color - would be so nice to have it in FM6

Also a minor point - would be nice to have the Option to Change global background Color on same menu as Option to change global background image

The Other awesome feature would be to have PRESETS like in so many graphics and video software -
where I could for example set Animation On or Of - Duration - Transition type - Transition time - at least the most used options - then abilty to create and update and delete PRESETS - then I can import say 100 images - select all with say 15sec duration and 5 sec transition and transition Dissolve and white background - and select some pics with another PRESET - that would be awesome - of course there will be some images that are custom and a Preset could not apply all options but at least most - in old version there is a way of building a template - but I find it not as flexible and quick
ability to have several Presets is so much more appealing - A preset could just have 1 setting or another 10 etc

really hope you guys will consider Presets. would make a Fantastic app even more Fantastic