Audio Envelopes

(I did a search for this title in the Beta Forum; no hits although there is a topic including these words?)

Anyway, Bastian acknowledged on FaceBook that we now have “audio envelopes” for adjustments, in Beta 5, but I can’t figure out how to create them. Help please!

Hi, Ray – Import your audio track. Now select it in the timeline so it is hi-lited. There should be a yellow line across the top of the track. That indicates your audio volume. Locate the point where you want to adjust the envelope (start or end, or anywhere in between) by mousing to the yellow line (you should see the arrow turn into a double-headed arrow up/down). Right-click (or Control-click) to get a pop-up menu that reads “Add Volume Envelope Point” – OR – just point to the yellow line at any time and Command-click and you’ll see a left-pointing arrow with a “+” sign, then just click at that point. What you’re doing is adding volume envelope control points, and each can be raised or lowered however you want.

thank you Stan!