Audio delay problem with sound card (mimolive 5.8)

Hi all,
we have a big problem with the audio layer
we import the audio from a mixer via a presonus sound card and the audio go off synch, they start normally and then have an increasing delay in preview and in the recorded file
we tried to cahnge the sound, to use direct line input and also to use a different mac, but we have the same issue also using a previuos version of mimolive (actual 5.8)
Schermata 2020-10-05 alle 13.36.16
thank u so

Hi @gabril I’m sorry to hear about the issue. What camera are you using and how is the camera connected? Can you also please let me know the exact model of the audio interface? Is the audio trailing the video or vice versa?

hi, for the video we use ndi input, the audio card is a prosonus studio 24c, we tried also a different sound card and also the line in of the mac pro
the delay is only in the audio layer

What NDI input are you using? Can you please send me a recording that has the audio delay?

we use the ndi to acquire video from other pc via scan converter, from that pc we acquire audio via sound card -> mixer -> sound card on the mac pro with mimo.
give me a mail to send the project and a rec

You can send me a WeTransfer link via direct message here.

sorry Oliver, i can’t share the video here, but just with you and your staff