Audio adjustments

I’m new to FotogMagic - how can I adjust audio sounds - so I can fade one song all the way down and fade another song to come in for a couple of pics, then out and do it with another song. If you can point me to some on line help that would work too! Any help is greatly appreciated.

FM 5 (currently in beta) allows you to adjust the audio envelope of any track.

Click on an audio track in the timeline to select it. Normally you’d see a yellow line along the top of that track – that indicates the volume level. Mouse to that line and you should see the cursor turn into an up/down arrow. If you then RIGHT-CLICK, you’ll see a pop-up option that reads"Add Volume Envelope Point." You can now add envelope points to wherever along the track that you want – and you can click on those points to drag them up and down and left and right. By adding two or more points along the track and adjusting them, you can change the volume. So if you have TWO songs in your time line playing simultaneously, adjusting those envelope points allows you to fade one song in and the other out, or vice-versa. Hope that helps.

Thanks statistic!!! How many audio tracks can I add to one slideshow??

I currently have a slideshow with 14 tracks in it. I don’t think there’s an actual limit on the number of tracks you can add. As for how many you can LAYER, that is, have running at the same time, I think that’s THREE. Although why anyone would want to play three tracks at a time is a guess. For my presentations, I drag in an audio track, then drag in my second track BELOW the first one, and have it start where the other one ends. During the editing process, I clean up the end of the first track and the start of the second, where they overlap. It just depends on the audio itself. Sometimes I adjust the volume level so the first one fades out while the second one ramps up. It all depends on what you want to do.