Is there a possibility of testing the ATEM plugin for this beta? Don’t really want to pay $99 for testing. Happy to but after Beta of course.

Hi, from a technical standpoint this is not possible. It is 100% compatible with the beta though. And there is a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Does the ATEM plugin used with MiMo support all ATEM switchers? I am particularly interested in “ATEM Production Studio 4K”

Greetings - I purchased and verified that the ATEM plugin does indeed support the ATEM Production Studio 4K. We’re going to try using the ATEM to offload much of our source camera image processing the ATEM. My 5 year old 17" MBP will be grateful.

However, I did notice that the layer has a cosmetic deficiency on MimoLive that is not there on BoinxTV. In the Control area of the layer, the labels for Program, Preview and Transition are missing on the MiMoLive platform.

The MimoLive buttons all function correctly, they just need to be labeled.

FWIW, since my MBP has only one ThunderBolt port, we are bringing in the ATEM Program video via Thunderbolt and hope to bring in ATEM Multi-view video with a Epiphan DVI2USB device. (We want to use a second DVI2USB to bring in Keynote/Powerpoint from a second computer).

ATEM layer in MimoLive - note missing Control labels
ATEM layer in BoinxTV

Hi Dean,
good catch, we’ll take a look. About the secondary HDMi in: You might want to take a look at
We are currently testing these here and they seem to work great so far.

Thanks Bastian. I see the labeling is fixed in the 2.0b25 update. I’m ordering one of the Magewell adapters to check it out - thanks!

Hello, we are using the ATEM Television Studio, i can not select anything from this board as Source? Can you help me with this? The ATEMSoftwareControlPanel recognise my HDMI1 in without any Problems (Video and Audio via HDMI) Recording via switcher is working also… But in the Mimo Software i can not select the source, thanks for you help…
regards Doc