ATEM TVS HD + MimoLive

Hi guys,
i have integrated an atem tvs hd from the last production within Mimo Live.
The atem controller plugin is very useful and i appreciate it.

Previously in MimoLive i used to do a lot of custom Split screens.
The thing is i would like to do it also with sources from ATEM, but i suppose that this not possibile as the source from the atem is just one, the pgm out of the atem itself.

So now i’m considering if returning the atem or not, because i need flexibility on creative side, and let me create everythin i want with my production.
Any suggestion on this side, keeping the atem and doing some cool split screens?

You’re correct, the ATEM would only output the PGM. The way to do what you want is to use a DeckLink card in a Thunderbolt 3 PCIe enclosure. This will get you all the video source into mimoLive and you can do any number of things with it…