ATEM Television Studio (no connection)

Hello, we are using the ATEM Television Studio, i can not selct anything from this board as Source? Can you help me with this? The ATEMSoftwareControlPanel recognise my HDMI1 in without any Problems (Video and Audio via HDMI) Recording via switcher is working also…

How are your ATEM and Mac network connected? You need an ethernet cable.

  1. Plug the ATEM into the Mac using a USB cable and the ATEM Setup Utility to set the ATEM to an IP address on your network and make sure the Mac’s Ethernet is on the same network.

  2. Verify, out side of mimoLive, that you can control the ATEM using the ATEM Software Control Application (it needs the proper IP address too).

  3. Connect the HDMI or SDI out from the ATEM to your Mac using a Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder which plugs into your Mac’s Thunderbolt port. Add a new video source to your mimoLive setup, select the mimirecorder and double check the gear icon to make sure it is viewing the appropriate SDI or HDMI input.

  4. Add the mimoLive ATEM Controller layer and double check it has the proper ATEM IP address in the bottom of the panel data window.

You should be good to go. If this is not your setup please share a bit more of what you have going on.

There is now a good tutorial by Jason Jenkins of DVEStore: