ATEM Mini Pro and mimoLive

I’m cautiously excited about the ATEM Mini Pro…

Can you tell me if mimoLive will be able to detect each source connected to the ATEM Mini Pro? Specifically, if I have three cameras connected to the ATEM Mini Pro, will mimoLive see all three cameras as separate input sources that I can mix as different layers in mimoLive (i.e. PIP, etc.)? …or does mimoLive see the ATEM Mini Pro as a single video source?

You cant see all the sources separate from mini atem. Mini atem is a mixing controller so you can mix 4 sources and the final program only can be watchable in mimolive. If you want to have all the sources in separate channels in mimo you must have video cards (like black magic mini recorder) one card per source!

Thank you for the response. That’s what I was afraid of.

Does anyone know if there’s a thunderbolt 3/usb-c solution from blackmagic? I’ve got two older thunderbolt 2 mini recorders, but finding these online has been a challenge.

A good solution is the blackmagic pci card with 4 sdi inputs!

Great! I’ll check into it. Thank you!

Yes, you need to get a Thunderbolt 3 PCIe enclosure from Sonnet or similar and put the DeckLink Duo 2 card into it.

Hi…Roger the two inputs out of four, but that works for me as I can also bring cameras and presentation video (PPT decks) into mimoLive and two cameras on Ch 3 and 4 is probably enough for my setups anyhow. Really like having mimoLive though, the other way is to bring the switcher into mimoLive, but it only has one output as opposed to the existing ATEM TV Studio having an AUX so it can be used to switch both “program” and “preview” or two channels of video vision mixing/keying.

Yes, I use Thunderbolt 3 (USB C) to thunderbolt 2 adapter, USB2 cable to BMD Mini Recorder.