ATEM Controller with ATEM MINI Pro

Will the ATEM Controller work with the ATEM Mini and Pro models?

The ATEM Mini and the ATEM Mini Pro use the same protocol as the “big” ATEM switchers, so it is supposed to work.

I’m not able to select my ATEM Mini as a valid output destination. I have purchased the plugin - maybe I’m misunderstanding the intended functionality of the output destination option?

The ATEM Mini only works as an input to the Mac. To output to an ATEM Mini, you need to connect an HDMI display cable from your Mac to the ATEM and use the Full Screen Playout Output Destination in mimoLive.

A detailed description of how to set up the ATEM Mini with MimoLive would be really useful, exactly what cables, adapters, input connectors do I need? What’s the process of installing all the different apps and what are they etc…

Boinx is usually really good at this sort of thing but it seems there is no detailed breakdown of setting up and using the ATEM mini for beginners like me.

Also some instructions on how to set up the network connection over a network rather than via the compute ethernet connector (as if you only have one connector how are you supposed to do that exactly).

Do I have to use the ATEM Layer controller to capture the input or can I just do it via the USB webcam connection when using a Mac OS?

Currently bewildered and reluctant to spend more money on the ATEM layer controller on a vague hope I can get it working :frowning:

Here is how you setup a Blackmagic ATEM Mini with mimoLive’s ATEM controller plugin. Hope this helps!