ATEM Controller Plugin for mimolive - Variants

Hi, I think the ATEM Controller plugin is an awesome plugin. Could some one please explain to me what the different variants would do within the plugin? My idea is to be able to set certain layers to turn on when a different camera source is selected…

For example
On a wide shot CAM 2 on ATEM Mini, I would like to turn on a ticker tape, then When i switch to a close up, have a lower third layer turn on.

Could that be done?

Hi @Gabriel_Ng, Thank you for giving mimoLive a go! I’m glad you like the ATEM Controller.

There are two ways to achieve what you want:

  1. Use the Remote Control Surface, add the ATEM Controller layer button layout template and add the required actions to each button.
  2. Use the Automation Layer where you have even more control.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx, thanks for getting back so quickly. We miss you at office hours :slight_smile:

Thank you. Will look up those options…

Could you also give examples of what variants would do in the ATEM controller?

Best regards…