ATEM Connection Dies After One Use

Greetings! On Version 6.4 (30049), I am using an ATEM Controller Layer and an Automation Layer. The script works after the first invocation, and fails thereafter. My simple example loads preview with cam 3. ATEM Software Control still works, in other words after the Automation success one and fails, the native ATEM software continues to work. Restarting MimoLive works most of the time, sometimes I have to reboot the MacBook Pro M1 14" 2021 to get it working. Is this familiar to anyone?

Update: Don’t need automation layer to replicate! It happens just using the Controller Layer.

Further Update: I turned off WiFi and rebooted. With all flowing on Ethernet, all works.

Hi @JJC I’m sorry about the troubles.

This isn’t a known issue. As a matter of fact, the ATEM Controller hasn’t needed updates for quite a while now, maybe Blackmagic has changed something in the ATEM protocol. We need to investigate. Thanks for your patience.

What ATEM Switcher model are you using? What is failing? The Controller Layer no longer switches the ATEM or is it loosing the connection? Can you please send me the document via DM?

TLDR: Turn off WiFi if Ethernet connected!
Wireshark was my friend on this one. Mac routing was using some distribution, not round robin but still distributing across WiFi and Ethernet connections. If the traffic went over Ethernet, happy ATEM. Over WIFi was the fail case. My fix: Turn off WiFi and reboot before starting show. Added to checklist. Sorry for taking your time, I should have sniffed the wire first…

Hi @JJC Thank you for sharing the solution. I’m glad to hear that you were able to solve this.

And: The purpose of this forum is to provide help as fast as possible, so please do not hesitate to post your questions here. If you figure out a solution on your own, posting the solution is much appreciated and going to help others who run into a similar situation!

You can work out the order for the connections in the network preferences. So you don’t loose WiFi features like Airdrop etc.