Hi Friends, just wanted to bump this feature request list as you refine Mimolive.

One great need I have right now, (and being honest one that may require a move to wirecast), is the ability to construct a “look” using nested sources in one layer.

In WC you can add a series of layers for background, foreground key, lowers, graphics, anything - and it is all composited within a single layer source. The reason is this important, is that right now in ML, using shortcuts to do this - it’s not simultaneous in it’s assembly on screen. You see things like the background pop up, then a millisecond later the keyed foreground. This doesn’t happen in WC.

Would be absolutely great if we could get real layer nesting so various shots can be pre-built with titles, logos, 2 shots, crawls, scoreboards, all of it and have it ready and waiting for a single button selection.

Here is a feature list I submitted in November. Thank you for what you have done and I hope we see these things happen sometime soon.


I requested something like this during the beta (I called it “grouping”" but nested is better).

Just adding a +1 on this feature.

If you assign the same hotkey to all of the elements of your “scene” they appear at exactly the same time when you hit that hotkey. This is what I do.

The MimoLive developers will tell you to use their web-based (or app on the iphone/ipad) remote control surface to do this. You can add as many layers as you want to a single button on the control surface and set that button to either set its layers to live, set them to off, or just to toggle on-off.