Are layer blend modes gone with FM6?

I miss layer blend modes. With FM5, they did exist.
Were they dropped with FM6? (Why? Any replacement for this?)

Yes, “blend modes” are no longer there. Send a message to Boinx and see if they’ll consider adding it back in. I’m guessing it was probably NOT a popular selling point. There is the new Chroma Key effect, but it is not quite the same, and in most instances more difficult to use.

I see. Thank you for pointing to the Chroma Key effect. I’m going to try it tomorrow if it is suitable for me.

(I’ve got the impression you really know everything with FotoMagico! :grinning: :+1:)

Don’t get the wrong impression (LOL)!!!

Yes, you’re right, using Chroma Key effects is really difficult to handle if the objects to blend were not made for that. I had a background still image overlayed by a short video showing wandering stars. No green or blue areas to be removed …
It’s a pity Boinx people removed layer blend modes with FM6. This way they didn’t guarantee upward compatibility of FM5 shows. Kind of disapointing.

(By the way, I think I got the right impression of stantastic’s knowledge … :+1:)

I sent my wish to the Boinx support team. Also see here.

@PSP-user Thanks for taking the time to let us know of your concerns.

I’m very curious as to what effect you are creating using the Blend mode. Can you post an example?