AppStore download not launching

Need help here. Hope the community can help since the tech support email I submitted has gone unanswered.

After doing the whole download/install/uninstall/restart/download/install dance - I tried all the usual tricks to try to have it kick in, but the app won’t launch. The o/s launch animation runs but the app won’t start and the o/s doesn’t recognize it as a running app.

MacBook Air, OSX 10.11.5 - again, this was an AppStore install so the current version listed is 3.2.7. I’m happy to provide more details as/if needed for support.

Many thanks community.

Same problem here… although it runs on one mac but not another one (same OSX 10.11.6)

Anyone solve this?

regarding to our support database derekyoungs issue was that he had a secondary monitor connected to their computer which causes a misbehavior in Mouseposé. Disconnecting this second monitor resolves the issue. Is it the same with you @“Mitch Max”?

yes I do have a secondary monitor. But I would not want to disable it… it is critical to my usage.

… I am able to unplug the secondary monitors to start Mousepose and then it seems to work after I plug the monitors back in. Workable but still would prefer to have this bug fixed.

Hi, just a follow up… are you planning to fix this bug?

Still happening under High Sierra. It’s February 2008. I’m regretting this purchase.