Apply a Title to multiple slides

I have 100+ slides and I want to create a Title that shows the filename. I can do that using a Placeholder in the Title box (< IMAGE-FILENAME >) but I have not found a way to copy this Title to all the other slides. Doing it manually for 100+ files will be very time-consuming.

Anyone have an answer?

Thanks, Rob

Hi, Rob – currently there’s no “easy” way to do it that I know of. But there is a work-around, although it will take a little time to do the set-up (but easier than doing a copy/paste for each slide afterwards). Open a new slide show and place one image along with the placeholder, AND assign the image the “Is Placeholder” attribute (right-click on the image to get File > Is Placeholder). You should also be able to assign an attribute to that slide (like fit to stage, fill layer, fit to layer, etc.) Now copy that slide (that includes both the image and text placeholde layers), and paste as the next slide. Then copy those TWO slides and paste again. Now copy those FOUR slides and paste again. Then copy those EIGHT slides and paste again. You get the idea, right? You’ll quickly have a slideshow where each slide is a placeholder and the text is the . NOW save that slideshow as a SNIPPET, and name it what you want. Now start a NEW slideshow and drag in the snippet. And then select all the images you want to use from the image browser and drag them to the timeline, starting at the first slide. They SHOULD come in, one each, replacing the placeholder image with the new image – AND – the filename will appear in the text placeholder.

It’s NOT an “easy” method, per se, but it works. And you’ll probably have to make a few adjustments to each slide (if necessary) depending on your settings for how the placeholder’s properties were originally assigned.

Thanks so much, stantastic. Works beautifully and is much quicker than what I tried (created a slide with placeholder, removed image and then copied the slide multiple times. Had to drag the images in one by one and adjust many slides for zoom etc).

My method was far too slow to be much use but your idea means I can create many more slideshows using the technique.

Thanks again, Rob

Glad that helped – I re-read my post just now and realized that whatever background server or whatever that controls our postings managed to delete AND change some text that I included, but I can tell that you understood what I wrote, even though it was butchered. So in the end, you managed to figure it out :slight_smile:

I did think that strange but got the message. :ok_hand: