Application crashes after upgrading to macOS Catalina

Well, I upgraded earlier today my iMac to the macOS Catalina. Fotomagico 5.6.8 crashes when attempting to do simple tasks like play/stop and share a project.
Wonder if others are having the same problem.

Yes, others have the same problem. Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the troubles. We’re looking into it.

Yea same here, Crashes when stopping Play or when Quitting… i know you’re working on it… many updates hitting me the past couple days. Thx, Boinx Rules! ~Robert

unfortunately I have the same problem. Fotomagico stops working on any activity

Sorry about the problems. Here is a beta version, can you please check if your problems persist?

i did a quick check with this beta version, it works fine, I found none of the issues I experienced with my production version. Thanks for taking care of this.

Yes … I bought photomagic 5 after installing Catalina on my MacBook Pro … well, the program opens, but it doesn’t let me do anything … it crashes all the time …

@piluman have you tried the beta Oliver has linked above yet?

the beta seems to work …
let’s hope!!

Everybody, a new version of FM has been released, check Software Update, issue is fixed. I have not experienced the same problems so far.
Thanks Boinx for taking care of this issue.

I also had trouble with crashing after upgrading to Catalina.

Yeah tried the beta and it worked for playing a slideshow I made a while back. Also, took the advice about updating my current version and that also plays the slideshow.

I am planning on making a slideshow later today or tomorrow and will let everyone know if making a slideshow goes smoothly. Hopefully, I can find all of the snippets and music I purchased in the past.

I am running the most recent FM 5. Still having crash issues the date says 12/12/19 but it is 5/13/20

Hi @Ashley_Tumlin.

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Thank you for using FotoMagico and for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear you have experienced crashes.

Could you please provide a crash log? How to ->