Apple TV

Hi Guys
Just started using fotomagico 5 on my apple mac. I have been able to transfer a slideshow to iTunes/apple tv using Mac Yosemite. Since updating to El Capitan last week, I have been unable to move any slideshow onto apple TV. Fotomagico goes through all the motions and tells me it has completed but I have yet to find its location for the slideshow. I have asked it to save in ‘movies’ and after 2 times and unable to locate it, tried again onto desktop. Again, it said it was successful but its not there.Ive used Mac finder and no luck.
Any ideas, thoughts or comments would be gratefully received.
Im using apple TV version 3-2012.
Another thing I have noticed is that fotomagico deposits a second icon onto the desk top when I am preparing slide shows (nothing to do with share) Is this normal?
Other than that its all much much better than iMovie which just is so slow & clunky!!!

did you have a look into the trash? in my case was the an exported file for iPad3 automatically moved into.

Thanks Willyman - thats where it was, but very strange as previously they had uploaded to iTunes without problems. However, sorted now and thank you

In my case the export worked fine but it appeared in the Music part of iTunes - and as you can’t change the Option to be a Movie I had to copy/move the m4v file out and reimport it into iTunes when I was looking at my Home Videos screen - and now it works fine !!