API to change the video source in a placer layer

I need help to sort out the correct syntax for a http request command string as I have had no luck with the directions from the documentation and trying to piece it together from other demo’s, its not from lack of trying,

I have also noticed “copy URL to change video source” is available from the placer layer but its not mentioned in the documentation how to use it.

Im very stuck, any help appreciated.

Paste it into a browser’s address line (URL), or use it in an Automation script (Automation Layer).

BTW, there is no What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get-solution.

There is no “pattern” which you could use to logically write it. Except you’d read out the API by the use of an (external) programming Language.

Hi @winnie. You’re right, there should be more documentation. Can you let us know what you’re trying to do? Then we could maybe give you a sample.

Thanks for the replies, Ive had some success and I need to thank you once again @JoPhi, in your Automation tutorial you give the answer (around 23:00m) by decoding, fixing and re-encoding the URL taken from miMo, a bit of a process but a good start but not certain if my end goal will be achievable with this method using companion for stream decks.

Basically I am wanting to end up with a matrix of 20 Layer Destinations and 25 sources to have the ability to select any 1 of 20 layers and place any of my 25 source graphics into the layer with that layer remaining live until all 20 layers are filled. Having the operator do this from the main miMo gui is not going to be practical.

Presently the solution I have is 2 x 30 button stream decks, the first stream deck simply directs the second stream deck to a layer page that has the 25 sources to be selected. I was hoping not to have to build 500 variants and 520 buttons.