Anyone using Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter to burn DVDs?

I was wondering if anyone uses Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter instead of iDVD or Roxio Toast. I burned a disc using iDVD and was hoping for somewhat better quality, closer to the standalone player, and I don’t own Roxio and am looking for options. Also the reviews of Toast Titanium 15 are fairly negative.
If anyone is using Wondershare; since Wondershare acts like the quality of DVDs made their way is better, and you can just drag and drop any video file and it will make a DVD, I was wondering if, when using Fotomagico 5 “Share” you would export the file using something other than “DVD”. Standalone player, or Apple TV perhaps, and use those higher quality files in Wondershare to burn the dVD. I’m obviously a little vague on this, only wondering since Boinx feels like the files for DVD authoring are the lowest quality, all their other options for sharing being higher quality. Hoping my question makes sense.

@“Edward Teller” Thanks for using FotoMagico! Unfortunately, there is no way to make a DVD with great quality. The reason is that the DVD is very low resolution compared to what we are used to now on our devices. I would strongly recommend to look at ways to remove the need for a DVD at the viewer end.

As for Wondershare: I do not have any experience with that application. It might be possible to get a slightly better result by exporting a higher resolution video from FotoMagico and let Wondershare do the downscaling and re-encoding. But in the end, a Video DVD is limited to NTSC, which is roughly equivalent to 720x480 at 30fps.

I use Wondershare Video converter very much for converting to another format the program is of the same excellent quality as FotoMagico. I don’t own any DVD’s but I now have a trial dvd. The quality is a little less, but not much less, than the original.

Many thanks. I will continue to explore my sharing options which have the end display being a tv instead of a computer screen. Perhaps mirroring using Airplay and Apple TV which I have not tried yet. I’m new here/learning, but am impressed with Fotomagico 5 so far.