Anyone upload to youTube?

Does anyone put their slideshows on YouTube? I do, and would be interested in seeing others efforts there.

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Me too! I am into mimoLive, but I want to get in touch with Fotomagico… Please post links to YT, Thx!!

Hello Londinense,

I don’t upload picture shows of my travels to YouTube myself, but I would be interested to see what others are creating with FotoMagico. I recently created a visual obituary for the death of my best friend using FM. If you are interested, I can send you the link to my dropbox.

My YouTube channel:
I too made a slideshow about a dear deceased friend. It is on YouTube too but not publicly available. I’d be interested to see yours and can send you the link to mine.

Hi, Londinense – I just watched one of your slideshows (Ecuador 2006/9) and enjoyed the photos. My wife and I went to the Galapagos in 2018, stayed in Quito a couple of nights, stayed at a fantastic B&B in the Mindo Rainforest area, and stayed on a boat through G-Adventures while cruising around and to the Galapagos Islands. I’m going to watch more of them when I get some time.

Personally, like willyman, I have not posted any of our travel shows to YouTube. Most of them are close to 45 minutes, and they’re huge files, so I haven’t even tried.

Stan. Thank you for your kind words. If there was the KBEffect in that video, my apologies.

I always restrict my slideshows to 10 minutes or a little more. Not even my most loyal friends would want to watch much more than that. I’ve put them on YouTube because most of these friends are in distant places.

The picture shows of my vacation trips usually last 30 minutes. On organized group trips to exotic countries, i make them available for the fellow travelers to view/download on my dropbox as a souvenir.

I didn’t mention the KBEffect – I was trying to be nice! :wink:

I have just been watching Nick Broomfield’s documentary about his dad, who was a distinguished industrial photographer in the UK. Every single still photo uses the KB Effect to excess, and of course now I am finding it damned annoying. I also noticed that the image zooms in its entirety not within a frame (as it would if masked in FM). So here’s the question: is that what the KB Effect is SUPPOSED to do?

I don’t know if there is a “supposed to do” on the KBE. I Googled it to find out more. It’s basically just using a zoom-in, zoom-out, pan, or fade transition on still photos to maintain interest. It doesn’t say how much or how long it’s supposed to last. Interestingly, Apple asked KB if they could use the term “Ken Burns Effect” and he originally declined, saying he didn’t want his name associated for commercial purposes. But Steve Jobs ended up giving KB some equipment in exchange for the use of the term in Apple products. And he’s regretted it ever since.

I cannot understand the almost dismissive attitude towards the Ken Burns effect. This method of presenting images was the actual reason why I had already experimented with the still „nameless“ program before version 1.0 in 2004 (image shows without KBE are plentiful and in my opinion also free of charge).

In the last years I discovered a new hobby of photographing (stitching) and try to take up with many motives also the situation on the left and on the right of it on same horizontal height, what works with some practice also without tripod quite well.
Without KBE I would know no way to present these paroramas effectively.

Yes of course; it’s all a matter of taste. In the documentary I cited above, the zooming in and out was very aggressive on what were beautifully composed still photos. In my view, the photographer had created enough “movement” and interest with no need for any extra distraction.

Are you sure you are using the KBE on your panoramas? Surely you are just panning them. That’s what I do.

you are right, but it depends on the situation. for example, if i make a pan over the chinese wall, then i zoom in on the far wall sections towards the end.

I see. I would go with that. I don’t think it’s strictly speaking a Ken Burns Effect though. THE KBE is basically a set of still images that are zoomed in or out, usually alternating. The zoom can often be quite small.

ok, ok, ok, that was the wrong example, but I still think that KBE is a great way to present not one picture after the other - like in the terrible slide shows in the 70’s - without transitions or anything else.
I guess, no one here in the forum, tried to realize a non boring slide show with a Rollei double projector in the 80-ies. I have tried it twice, knowing that you have to travel with a script, but my wife went on strike.

I have seen a slide show using double-projectors, but of course there wasn’t any automatic zoom feature, just the ability to fade one image out and fade the other in. As for KBE, as I mentioned, I just think it’s completely overused – one slide after another after another zoomed in, then out, then in, then out. I’m not saying don’t zoom a slide, nor don’t pan a slide – I’m just saying a judicious use of the effect works a lot better than just bombarding the viewer with it over and over and over again, as many of the Ken Burns projects display (at least his earlier ones). IF the KBE is needed to keep an audience’s attention, then I would posit that the photographs themselves aren’t interesting enough in their own right to merit attention. Again, it’s all about taste. It’s a personal thing. At least we can agree to disagree :wink:

Hi uploading to Youtube is one of the major things I use FM for !
the betaversion has not yet been “verified” by Boinx, and therefor for the time being it is not possible to upload any of you work to Youtube. I keep most of the slideshows “private” so only to be seen by my family and or friends.

I have never used the dedicated YouTube upload function. I just create a file in the normal way and then send it to YouTube from my desktop.

Hello, well indeed I also do that when the direct link is not working. IN general I do hope that they will create a “button” to create a 4K video, like the version 5 Pro had, as now you have to make a " custom" video. What I also miss rather hard is the small pulldown " share " button in the middle which I find better to use than that dropdown on top. And also the preview of snippets is not always opening, and like I am writing now: what is annoying : audio: it shows a lot of info that you do not need: genre, album, etc, but the “time” is at the very last position ! I drag the time field next to the title, that works fine, till you open the app again, then your time field is back at the very end… I have reported this already via mail, and via the website. I do hope that all of these “things” will get solved, if not I am not sure whether I will go for this version 6! And I started some years ago with version 3
Best regards