Anyone started testing MIMO on MacOS Ventura?

The public beta is out for MacOS Ventura. Anyone tried MIMO with it yet?

Yes, using it every day. Some glitches due to bugs in Ventura, but mostly working great.

Good to know! Thanks Oliver. Want to test out the ‘iPhone as a webcam’ feature. I’ve done it with Camp, but there’s a slight issue with lipsyncing

Hey Oliver! Could you please confirm you are using Mimo on Ventura Beta and Mimo is functioning fine? Thanks

Hi Nick, I accidentally upgraded to Ventura so I’m using mimoLive daily on it. While I can live with it, I would not recommend using it on a production machine. The issue isn’t just mimoLive, it’s all the drivers and Ventura itself that are interacting, creating a dynamic environment that can break with every new beta. For example, USB audio was stopping randomly during last beta and I experience issues with AirPods in the current beta.

Good advice. Have upgraded one machine and Rogue Amoeba’s ACE isn’t yet compatible which rules out using Loopback Audio virtual cables with Mimo.

Will keep my production machine in Monterey for the foreseeable! Thanks for the quick response as always. :+1:

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Any updates on using mimoLive with production Ventura 13.1 or the 13.2 beta?

Hi @OregonDean1 I‘m using it on Ventura every day. There are no known issues specific to Ventura.