Anyone having mimoLive crash with mimo callers today?

Two different systems with two different OS install both had the same issue. Does anyone else have it crash today?

Hi @Javrod I‘m sorry to hear about the crashes. Can you please send us the crash reports?

You can DM me here on the forum.

Good morning, I submitted the crash reports from both machines to the support e-mail. I am hoping to hear back as we go live again tomorrow.

I had some issues back last week, couldn’t get people to connect

Hi @Ray_Lane Are the issues still persisting? We haven’t changed anything last week.

Hi Oliver I’m having this issue on the las 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately MIMO/computer crashed on the midle on a streaming.

I’m very sorry to hear this. Please send me the crash reports as described earlier in this thread. You can dm me here if you don’t want to post publicly.