Anyone getting Glitches in video like a lightning

I have use fotomagico for years so this new to me - I select Share and make 4k 30. video

it renders - then I play. - movie about 15 min looks fine but then a glitch like a lightning of less then a second. and then continues fine this can happen about 4 to 5 time in a 15 min video

I have a Mac Studio - I am on Ventura - video written to a SSD drive

most cases the glitches happen at a same spot but if I render again the glitch might no be at same spot

makes video useless anyone know what to do to fix this

Sorry to hear about this issue. Can you share with me your FotoMagico slideshow file that demonstrate the issue? Please send it directly to me achim(at)boinx(dot)com via wetransfer or a similar service. Thanks!

I sent to you a link where you can download video and ems file zip.