Anyone found Mac drivers for this unit? Acasis 4 channel hdmi external

Acasis 4 Channel HDMI external Thunderbolt 3 video capture card

This box runs on windows only, I thought it might be a good compact solution but I can’t get it running and I guess I need drivers. Does anyone have ideas or how easy it may be to develop drivers?

i can see the thunderbolt hardware in system report but obviously it doesn’t show up in mimolive at all.

I would be happy to pay something. I have the windows exe but I don’t have a windows PC and I would like to stay on Mac with mimolive.

here is a link to the unit example on aliexpress - they also do an sdi version and claim to be able to chain to get 8 inputs.



It’s near impossible to develop drivers if you’re not the vendor with access to the source code of the firmware or at least comprehensive specs and documentation.