Anti-Aliasing for PIP Window

When using Y-Rotations on PIP Window layers, PLEASE add anti-aliasing to the layer’s outside edges.
It currently just looks like a bad joke…

While using a border this can be overlapped, but it needs a certain thickness too.
And from my oppinion, it should be possible to display clean layer edges without a design impacting workaround.

Thank you for the feature request. You are right. anti-aliasing is important.

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@Andy-R Please can you share a video frame image were you can show what you would like to see to be improved?

Of course.
Here you see the result when Y-Rotating a PIP Window.

Thanks for the screenshot. So this is happening when you set the border width to zero. Otherwise the boarder renders fine. We will fix this in the next release. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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