Another "Export Failed"


i just downloaded the demo and i really want to order it but it keeps saying export failed on all kinds of exports (ipad iphone quicktime youtube)

it seems that the quicktime module isn’t even loading (cpu stays 0%) but i can’t find any logs to read into

is there any way you guys can help me out ? i’am running Mountain Lion on a Macbook 2010 (i5 , 8GB Ram)

For some reason sometimes the FotoMagico download file don’t get the right “quarantine flags” set by Safari. There fore the export process can’t be started by FotoMagico. Please delete the app and try to download it again.

I’ve had this same problem with this as well… I’ve deleted the app and re-installed with no success. I’ve been in with tech. support and haven’t gotten an answer to fix this issue. I’ve been able to export to youtube with the older version that I have (3.8.8). I’ve given them the .fms file to look at and got the response back that they were able to export to quicktime just fine…I really hate to have to look for another solution to making slideshows, but I need to be able make good quality slideshows as part of my business…I’m loosing money!!!

@teewizzle: Please can you open the “Console” application by Apple and do the export test with FotoMagico again? I am pretty sure, that the crash of the export causes some log messages in the console log. It would be very interesting to see what it reads. (If you concerned about the log messages containing private information, please feel free to send the log messages to support(at) with a reference to this forum post. Thanks!)

I sent the console log to today…(

@teewizzle: I looked up you log files and found some outputs that convinced me to believe that you have “Eset CyberSecurity” installed. Can you please check if you can update this software? (There was a discussion at Apple forum about the same problem here: )

Great!!! I can export my slideshows again!!! Thanks for keeping up with this thread for a solution to my particular issue. Achim, you got me back in the game again!!! Thanks for due diligence and your help.