Animated Maps - Stationary Text

I am creating a route map from Leiden, Netherlands, through Halifax, Nova Scotia, and ending in Vancouver British, Columbia.

I would like to add text to the three cities when each waypoint is reached.

How do I move text in tandem on the start and finish maps?

When I drag text on one map, the other text box does not move.

Hi, David – you’ve got two things going on at the same time which are difficult to handle. First, you have the map zooming in from the Start of the slide to the Finish of the slide. The second is that you want the text to appear as each waypoint is reached – which is not that hard to do, except again the map is zooming at the same time. If the map is zooming in, how do you want to handle the text? You could zoom the text as well, but it’s hard to zoom it at the same rate and have it stay in the same relative location on the map as the map zooms. You can adjust the appearance of the text so that each shows up when each waypoint is reached, and you do that by adjusting each text layer’s opacity (0 at the start, and then 100 when the point is reached – you do that by adding points to the opacity curve). But again, the text will appear, but the map will continue to zoom – and the text needs to zoom and move at the same rate. Again, very hard to do. If you just want the text to stay the same size through the whole slide, that’s easier to do – but it will look either too big at the Start or too small at the Finish. And again, you can’t keep the text in the same relative location to the map (for example, Vancouver will just start to wander away from where the location really is). The only “easy” solution is to NOT zoom the map, add the text at a readable size from Start to Finish and place it accordingly, and just adjust each location’s opacity as that point is reached.