Alt audio mix with media file sources - major delay

Used pre-recorded media files (video with audio) mixed in with my live video sources today for the first time. I created an alt “audio out” mix for routing to our sound board, so that the audio from live mic’s, etc. could be mixed in, and sent back to MimoLive for a program mix.

When starting the media files playing from a placer layer, the audio was often severely out of sync with the video (a few times, up to 1 whole second). Stopping the alt “audio out” send, and then restarting it seemed to bring it back into sync. Had to do this once or twin this AM during a live-stream. Fairly disruptive, but better than audio being way out of sync for the entire segment.

Meant to mention… We’re on MimoLive 5.5. MacOS 10.14.6.
Alt audio mix from the media files sent out via Behringer USB audio interface to sound board, to be mixed with live audio. Sound board mix sent back in also via the Behringer USB interface, used as program main mix.

I’m sorry to hear about the audio issues. Can you please send us the mimoLive file that shows this behavior?

Sure. What’s the best way to send? Do you want the associated media files as well? (Don’t recall if I chose to copy them into the doc, or link.) Thanks.

i also have problem like this but now its solved.

i really need your help! mygroundbiz

Please can you try mimoLive 5.6.1 we released yesterday and let me know if this solves your audio delay problems?