Allow user Presets

ability to create presets - preset could include animation time and transition and stage background color - Effect like Blur for example - ( so ability to auto create Blur background from image )
Text font and size etc etc

so user could select 20 images and select Preset and paste on images

an example - Preset - Set White State background color - so user could create a Preset with that setting - so once Preset created then user could select images and select the Preset and it will affect selected items

Hi @igetsmart Thanks for this feature request.

Have you tried the Snippets? Does that do what you want?

Thanks for reply - I do not see where I can build my own Snippets. in version 5 there is a save snippet menu option - but does not exist in 6
If I do a Save As - it does not offer to save as a snippet either

in version 5 one could create a slideshow and safe as a snippet and then make a folder with personal snippets and then drag folder to snippets - does not work in 6

please advice -

also have an issue with 6 - I make a slideshow - render video file - images display fine and audio except - first Audio track does not play - slideshow starts fine and does its thing and then when second Audio track starts then I can finally hear audio

I have tried many audio tracks and made second track first track - no go - the first audio track does not play -

please advice

The save as snippet function is much missed. Also there should be a way of importing one’s snippets from v5.
I just tested a music file and it played fine from the start of my test slideshow. Are you on Big Sur?

Along with the Save as Snippet function currently missing, any image set as “Is Placeholder” is not displayed with the dashed lines around the image (as was done in FM 5). You can’t discern if a snippet is a snippet just by looking at it on the stage.

I was able to search for my previously created FM 5 snippets buried deep in my Prefs folder and copy them to the snippets folder for FM 6 and they worked, but they don’t display as mentioned above (with dash lines).

I agree - yes I am on Big Sur. but yes there should be ability to import and export and save as

I have suggested to Boinix a PRESET concept - like in Lightroom - where we can build a Preset and - say select Animation duration - slide duration - animation - etc etc. and then select Preset and Paste it on images -

one of my suggestion for a long time is to allow user to select background color for each slide - currently we can only set an image or one color for the entire slideshow as many photos do not fill stage - two options come to mind - to create a background layer and blur it - and that is available in version 6 - very nice - but some images come out better with no blur layer rather a single color - so if pic is take in high key then sometimes white stage color is better likewise if pic in low key then black or dark color is nicer to fill stage - but one can make a pic that is white or black and set as layer - but it would be great to set a PRESET with slide duration and what type of transition and transition time and what image or color for stage background - now users are not allowed to add or create snippets then feels like we are going backwards

I noticed that when I select Placeholder under Edit menu - all options are grayed out

I hope they are still implementing and that we can again create and Save and Import and Export Snippets

The whole development thing is a process – and it takes time. I’m sure everything regarding Snippets will reappear eventually (I mean, the Snippets button still shows and it’s in the tutorials). This IS in a beta stage, remember? Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax :slight_smile:

I am relaxed - so more like in Alpha - Beta is where software is in last stages of testing

I mentioned this as I brought up the idea of PRESETS - where users can create Presets with given settings like Animation time and type and Transition type and time and other features etc and user can select and paste presets on images - and Bonix suggested I look at Snippets - which of course where in the older 5 version - and yes I hope Snippets will be there in the final 6 version -

Yes, “Save as Snippet” will be coming back…

Hopefully, it will be possible to select a single frame or series of frames within a slideshow that one is. creating to save as a snippet. My recollection is that in FM5 you can only save the entire slideshow and therefore have to create one specially if it’s just one frame.

Thanks for reply - I am super happy you are working on new features and updating FM - it is super nice software - but competition is updating - so great timing FM is being updated now - FM is by far a superior product - so I am super happy to see the improvements and new features -

I don’t use Snippets that much, but I noticed the same thing when they were introduced. Creating a new snippet actually required creating a new slideshow which included ONLY the snippets I wanted, then save that as a file, and then imported it to any slideshow I was working on. You couldn’t just select those specific slides and export them as a snippet on their own (the entire slideshow was saved instead).