All videos render as black

When i try to render my video everything renders as black
Titles appear but there are no photos
My only thought is that the renderer can’t deal with Canon Raw files though PM itself renders these just fine

So I did some more testing.
Tried a new file thinking that maybe the original FM file was somehow corrupted. Same thing produces a black video file.
Went to LightRoom and exported the same files as JPG
Another test file and this time it works, FM renders the video as expected. So from this I conclude that FM can’t render raw files.
Wish I had found this bug out before I spent several hours making a presentation up.
My experience with the latest and greatest FM has not been great
Can’t find collections in lightroom
Cant render raw though the program doesn’t warn you of this
Barfs and FM dies doing a full screen render
Test tool incredibly hard to use

So far we haven’t heard of this problem, normally the export process can use whatever is visible in FotoMagico. We’ll have to investigate this though. In general, we’d advise not to use RAW files, inside of FotoMagico you don’t gain any advantage. They are larger and take way longer to load. Many of the edits made in e.g. Lightroom or Aperture are not stored inside of the RAW file but in its metadata since they are proprietary to the software. So FotoMagico will not be able to process them. Especially when exporting the slideshow to a movie, the additional bit depth of the RAW is flattened down to 8-bit anyway.