Alignment cross-hairs

I’ve been using Fotomagico Pro since 2008 and one feature I would find extremely useful – and use often – is being able to perfectly and QUICKLY align a specific part of a “Start” photo with a specific part of the previous “Finish” photo in a slideshow.

To use an example, let’s say a “Finish” screen fades to a zoom-in of a person’s eye. The “Start” screen of the next photo in the slideshow seamlessly transitions into what seems to be the same eye, but as it builds to it’s own “Finish” during a zoom-out, the viewer sees it is a different person, or, the same person but much older or younger.

There are countless ways this method can be used, but it is most effective when an exact part of two different pictures is perfectly aligned. Unfortunately, I have yet to “quickly” get it perfect in Fotomagico. I have to go back, play thru the transition and estimate roughly how much and in what direction to move the “Start” photo. Then, play thru the transition again, adjust again, play thru…and so on.

What I envision is being able to place target cross-hairs anywhere on a “Finish” photo which would then automatically place cross-hairs in that same x and y position in the next “Start” window in the slideshow. Moving the “Start” photo to get the desired part under the cross hairs, then resizing as needed, would be quick with no time wasted doing numerous replays and adjustments.

The nudge feature suggested by dcortesi on August 12 to use the arrow keys to make small position adjustments would be absolutely the perfect tool for doing any fine alignment, if needed.

I am not sure how this can be (technically) implemented, but we’ll take a note, thank you for your feedback!

Thanks Rudolf for even considering this suggestion. I had been hoping for a feature like this for some time, but finally got around to putting it in writing. Surprised no one else suggested it yet.

I gave only one example, but for a ‘pro’ user, there are a lot of uses for being able to easily and quickly align a specific detail in a slideshow Start photo with a specific detail in the previous Finish photo.

I’d like to be the first in line to purchase the upgrade if this, or a feature close to it, is built into FM version 4!

By the way, is the “copy geometry”/“copy animation” function at least a little bit helpful for you in this case?

I’ve found both functions to be very useful for continuity when building a slideshow, but not for helping to align a specific part of photo B with a specific part of photo A. Unless whatever I want to line up in two different photos, be it eyes or something else, is in almost exactly the same position on both photos, copy geometry/animation aren’t any help for me. Sorry.

I have no idea what the technical challenge is to include a feature in FM that can assist a user easily align a specific item on a Start frame with a specific item on the previous Finish frame. But, I’m sure if it is possible, you fellows will figure out how to do it!