After exporting my slideshow every slide includes a watermark ("created with FotoMagico"). How can I

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>After exporting my slideshow every slide includes a watermark ("created with FotoMagico"). How can I get rid of this?</strong>
           <p>The watermark that can be seen in FotoMagico's Demo mode will be removed as soon as you buy and install a license.</p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Um i’ve installed my licence & its still there?

please check FotoMagico (in the menubar) > Licenses. In the license manager you can see all your licenses. Is there a valid, non-demo license for the version of FotoMagico installed? If this is the case please send me a screenshot so we can take a closer look.

yes there is, I’m redownloading incase i downloaded a trial version in error

Hi yes I’ve checked that the licence is there & it shows in my window, i’m having trouble getting the screenshot though

Hello! I redownloaded & put the licence in again & it seems to be fine thank you!

i have bought and entered a licence detail but still i get a demo note on my attempts at making a show

Please click “FotoMagico” in the menubar at the top left, choose “licenses” and please send me a screenshot of the licenses window so we can figure out why this happens.

/Users/lemoine/Desktop/Capture d’écran 2016-03-26 à 08.41.58.png
I have the same problem as fjphoto. As you can see with my print screen ( license window), i have bought the license but i keep having the demo version.

Bastian please can you help me too on this issue?

thanks in advance.


I downloaded Fotomagico 5 from the Boinx website. I installed my license, but I still get the watermark too. What should I do? Thanks.

Oh. Wait. I quit FM 5 and restarted it. Now the watermark is gone. Sorry. It’s OK now.

Thanks for sharing this info. We will have this fixed in the next upgrade. Sorry about that!

I am also receiving the watermark about demo addition. Please help. Need to finish asap.

Karmel, as Dorothy said, please restart Fotomagico after installing the license. Then the watermark disappears