After 1hr recording, Mimolive begin to drop frames

Mac Studio M1 Max, 32gb
Mimolive 6.1.2, document frame rate 720p59.94
Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2
2 Sony XDCAM EX cameras, frame rate 720P59.94
1 Macbook pro capture via USB dongle

Second time that it happens to me.
The show start flawlessly, but after 1 hour and 15 minutes or so from the recording start, all captures begin to randomly black flick, so the recording begin progressively to drop frames and the input flicker increase until Mimolive finally crash.

Today, when the flickering and frames drop happens again, I took advantage to a event pause and save, close and re-open the document, and all run smooth again.

I’m saving the recording in a external USB-C enclosure, with a SSD disk.

HI @JMVBMW I’m sorry about the troubles. This sounds like memory is running full. This can have many reasons so it would be really helpful if you could send us a Process Sample from when it starts flickering and the mimoLive document so we can try to recreate this. Here is how to take the Process Sample: Process Sampling - mimoLive - 5

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

PS. if you have crash logs, those would also be helpful. (Crash Reports - mimoLive - 5)