Adjusting text opacity...

I was going to throw this in the Feature Request discussions, but figured since new abilities were added to text blocks in the FM 5 beta, this SHOULD be part of the beta discussion.

In a title block containing text, we can use multiple fonts on individual characters, assign individual colors to individual characters, and now assign a background color to an entire text block.

BUT WHAT’S MISSING (or isn’t working properly) is the ability to control the OPACITY of individual characters. If I bring the opacity of a single character to 0%, ALL of the text becomes 0% opacity once I click outside of the text block. If I use any other value, all of the text defaults back to 100%. If I go back to edit that same text, the opacity value I assigned becomes active for just those characters (during the edit process), but once I “fix” the text as part of the slide, all of the text again defaults to 100% (or all 0% – and also defaults back to black).

What SHOULD be happening is any characters that have colors or opacities assigned to them should hold those assignments.