Adjusting duration for single slide in timeline mode

I can’t find an option for adjusting the slide duration (transition duration is possible) for a single slide without affecting all the other slides. There should be a key-modifier to do just that… Otherwise one adjustment can really mess up all the other transition that are (manually) keyed to the beat of the music. I know audio markers are an option, but there still should be a manual way.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I think that would make working in timeline mode (my preferred mode) much quicker and easier.

Select the slide in the Timeline mode (you can move the playhead to the start of that slide), then double-click on the little duration marker in the bottom right corner of that slide and adjust the value. Or, select a slide (you have to have at least one layer of that slide selected), then in the Options > Slide submenu panel you can either edit the duration by double-clicking the value or moving the Duration slider left or right.

Nah, that’s not the point - that method still changes the position of every following slide (thus rendering all keyed transitions useless). The function I’m looking for is to change the duration of a single slide by NOT affecting the others. This means, that (of course) the length of the previous slide will be altered but not the following. So instead of lengthening (or shortening) the duration of the transition (which is currently possible) I want to “move” the transition (and by doing so change the duration of the slide).

I hope you get my point?

Not entirely sure I can follow you - but if what you are looking for is preserving the synchronisation between slide transitions and the beat of the music, then audio markers is what you should be using…

Yeah, what Peter wrote :wink:

Hi Peter,

Let me try to clarify :wink: I do understand what you are suggesting, but that is not my issue. I know about audio markers and use them wherever it makes sense. But sometimes you have to adjust the length of a single slide without all other shifting as well. And having to use audio markers for that seems not the best option.

AV Wings for example gives you the option to change the duration (or entry point) of a single slide with or without affecting the others by the use of a modifier key while dragging the slide duration.

I made a shot screen recording that would hopefully illustrate my point better > Screen Recording

My goal is to change the “IN” point of slide 21 by moving it to the right (thus of course lengthening slide 20) but NOT changing the entry point of slide 22 and following. The way I see it there is no easy way to do this at the moment.

Case 1 in the video > by adjusting the IN-point of my slide (dragging it to the right) the transition is at the right position but all succeeding slides move as well and are thus out of synch

Case 2 in the video > changing only the transition dosen’t effect the timing of the rest of the slides, but the entry-point of slide 21 is still not correct

Case 3 in the video > the only way to achieve my aim is to move the entry point of slide 21 and then readjust the length by moving slide 22 (and thus all succeeding slides) back to the left to get them in synch again

Case 3 might not appear to be much effort but it is a dangerous workaround because one can easily forget to readjust the rest of the slides. Audio markers a great tool but not what is needed here (or simply too complicated to accomplish a relative simple task).

In my opinion the solution would be a simple way to change the transition point between two slides (in this case between slide 20 & 21) without affecting the others. Again this in “AV Wings” this is done by using a simple key modifier to switch between the two behaviors (I do believe Premiere and other video editing software have a similar approach for blending clips).

So if I add a modifier key when dragging the divider line between two slides that would accomplish what you want - increasing the duration of a slide would automatically reduce the duration of the succeeding slide by the same amount.

Obviously there would have to be limits, e.g. the succeeding slide could never be reduced to durations below zero…

That is absolutely correct, Peter! :slight_smile: The limits are a given. I guess logically the limit would be the end of the previous transition and the start of the next transition. Would be fantastic if that functionality could be implemented. :+1:t2:

Feature request is noted!

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Great new feature idea!! Love it!

Implemented in upcoming b19…

Just installed update. When selecting interactive (or any other option) arrow keys still do not advance the slide. It remains stuck. And ESC key does not stop the show when playing. Only space bar. Very frustrating. I am excited to unleash the new features on my existing project, switching from FM5 to FM6, but i cannot get any traction because of the bugs. I JUST NOTICED that the arrow keys do work when i am in timeline mode. They only do not work in storyboard mode.

I can’t reproduce this issue. Arrow keys and ESC work just fine on my end. Can you provide any more info about the exact situation when the key don’t work.

Fantastic Peter! Looking forward to it. Thanks, I do believe it is a very useful feature.

Thank you Peter. Basically, my arrow keys do not advance or reverse the slides when in play mode, either full screen or just when i play the show via clicking space bar. I try to click to next slide by hitting the arrow, as i have done for 4 years in previous Fotomagico editions, but the slides do not move. And when i am in full screen play mode, if i click “esc” button, the show keeps playing. This never has happened to me in earlier versions of FM. Now, sometimes the arrow buttons ARE working. If i switch to timeline mode, it works for a few minutes. If i stop and then play again, then the arrows STOP working. So its buggy. It’s inconsistent. I hope I have clarified. Im on an iMac Pro (2017) using Big Sur. Processor 3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W. Memory: 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 with a Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB graphics card.

My FM5 version is working fine on Big Sur. Its only the Beta i am having problems with. So, to recap, sometimes the arrow buttons work, MOST times they do not. It’s buggy. It’s sticky. Its intermittent. And it happens when i am in “interactive” or “after duration” mode under the CONTINUE navigation option. Look forward to resolving this. Happy to screen share my Mac to show you what’s happening.

Works like a charm. Great stuff, Peter!

@all > use “option”-key as modifier to only change the IN-point of your slide without affecting the succeeding slides.


I just bought the app last week and I’m having a hard time to adjust one slide to a specific duration that I want without affecting the other slides. Very confusing for me! I already tried looking for tutorials online and still I couldn’t get what I want. I just want to adjust the text to a specific duration without affecting the slide in the bottom, basically my text is on top of a picture slide. When I tried to drag the text slide, it would always affect the bottom slide. It’s like a magnet! Any suggestions or tips?