Adding new features to lower thirds

Wondering if you could add an option for TWO LINE title in the lower thirds category. I’m currently having to use a Layer for the name and a second one for titles. I then combine them with a LS, but it can get clumsy…

In addition a shortcut key to REPEAT LAST ACTION would be helpful when adding new Layer Sets, etc.


Hi @lorcott Thanks for the suggestion. In a certain way, you can do this already by adding a Return character in the text (Cntrl - Enter). It takes the line height of the font and can look funny at times.

Goal for the future is to have a better text engine with typographic control.

and don’t stop there. How about an option for up to 4 line title. That should take care of any scenario. AND…if every title line has its own attributes, then they will be separate of formatting. :slight_smile: