Adding a node in the graph makes the default start node to be zero

Sorry for the title but this bug is somewhat hard to explain.
Here i have 4 same photos without animation and with the default node placement.

The slideshow is a static frame of the photo.

However adding a node in the middle of the opacity graph forces the default start node of the opacity to be zero. Therefore having a frame that is empty.

In this photo I add a node in the middle of the opacity graph of the 2nd photo to show what’s happening.

What is expected is that even though i add a node there shouldn’t be any change in the slideshow. However a frame is clearly just a black screen during the 1 sec mark.

I have been using fotomagico for years now. And this bug always bothers me because to resolve it you must delete the starting node twice. Would appreciate fixing this in a future update.

Hi, pastro_00102 –

I tried to follow your explanation and COULD NOT get that “black screen” that you described to show up. I dragged an image into the Timeline four times, disabled animation, set the duration to 3 seconds for all four slides, then I went to the second slide and added an opacity node somewhere in the middle, and then played the show. It played as expected with no black screen being displayed.

I see from your posted video that it DOES glitch there where you’ve add the opacity node, but I can’t get that to happen when I try it. At least from the way you describe it.

Hopefully the guys at Boinx may have an explanation.